Mandarin Orange – Citrus Reticulata – Bonsai Tree


Mandarin Orange (Citrus Reticulata); Height: 45 cm; Pott: 15 cm

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This Mandarin Orange (Citrus Reticulata) Bonsai tree is with a height of 45 cm and a pot size of 15 cm the ideal complement to any modern and happy interior decoration.

The mandarin tree prefers places with lots of sunlight and is medium thirsty when it comes to watering.

The tangerine flowers appear in spring and are very fragrant. Naturally, it will lose its fruits after around June, but depending on the amount of light, fertilization and irrigation, it will not necessarily lose all its leaves during the winter.

As mandarin trees do not need the pollination of another tree to produce fruit, so new fruits will grow after one year, given that they are treated the right way.

Please keep in mind that these Mandarin Orange Bonsai trees are living beans and therefore, at the moment of ordering, they will be in perfect condition but it is completely normal that over time they will lose the fruits and leaves.

The nice thing is that these beautiful plants will recover to their initial shape in your home.


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