Lingustrum Chinensis Bonsai Tree


Lingustrum Chinensis Bonsai Tree; Height: 25 cm; Pott: 20; Shape: S

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This Lingustrum Chinensis is with a height of 25 cm and a beautifully s-shaped trunk a perfect midsized tree in our collection. It comes in a very nice 20 cm ceramic saucer that perfectly well fits the overall look of this beautiful Bonsai tree.

It is a perfect choice if you are new to the world of Bonsais and want to get started with a species that is very hard and forgiving even when not always being taken care of perfectly.

The Ligustrum Chinensis closely resembles the hedge plants of Europe, reacts very well to thorough pruning, and grows throughout the year.

The trunk is silvery grey and remains fairly smooth into old age. The leaves are dark green with an attractive sheen. These shrubs or trees are grown to five meters in height in China. They have a thick branching crown that is as wide as the tree’s height.

This species can blossom and has pretty white bunches of fragrant flowers. But to make this happen in Europe the Bonsai has to receive exceptionally good care.

This might sound harder than it actually is, as we are always here to help with precise and easy to follow care instructions in order for you to get the most joy out of being a parent to a Bonsai Tree.


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