Ficus Retusa – Ginseng Ficus Tree Bonsai “Easy Care” – White


Ficus Retusa (Ginseng Ficus); Height: 45 cm; Pott: 17 cm; Easy Care; White

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This Ficus Retusa tree, also called Ficus Microcarpa or simply Ginseng Ficus, is an exceptionally beautiful tree in 45 cm height. It comes in a modern 17 cm plastic pot type “easy care” in white.

While the Ficus Benjamina is a common indoor plant, the Ficus Retusa has smaller leaves and is therefore very suitable for the cultivation of Bonsai. This kind of tree grows to a huge size in the Far East, so big that children can play between its roots. These roots are formed when the aerial roots touch the ground and swell. It is a Bonsai with very low maintenance that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with temperatures as low as eight degrees Celsius although they prefer places with higher temperatures.

A Ficus Ginseng is not only beautiful, but also extremely easy to care for and really does not need much attention. This species is extremely strong and can survive in low light. But naturally this plant will be much happier and healthier if it is kept near a window or in an area where it receives enough light.

In general, the Ficus Ginseng keeps its leaves very well and in a healthy environment many leaves will grow. Some leaves may fall naturally due to changes in climate, amount of light or watering. You will only need to water it once or twice a week at most. If you water it from time to time, this specimen will adjust and if you forget to water it for some time, you will not have problems with it neither. It is visible that it does not have enough water when its dark green leaves begin to turn slightly yellow.

One of the ways to keep your Ficus Ginseng moist is to spray it with a spray bottle every day. If you are unsure of the proper care for this plant, simply follow our precise and easy to follow instructions to obtain the best result. Enjoy this cheerful specimen of our beautiful collection of Bonsai.


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