Carmona Microphylla – Fukien Tea


Carmona Microphylla (Fukien Tea); Height: 38 cm; Pott: 25 cm; Shape: S

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This Carmona Microphylla, or Fukien tee, is with a height of 38 cm and a wonderfully s-shaped trunk a taller example of trees we have in our collection. It comes in a very nice 25 cm ceramic saucer that perfectly well fits the overall look of this beautiful Bonsai tree.

This tree is a true indoor Bonsai of tropical origin. It’s best to keep it indoors all year round. In the summer, when the outside temperature day and night is above 15 degrees Celsius it can stand for a while outside. Below 15 degrees it becomes quickly too cold.

They are suitable for all styles of Bonsais. It can be formed by pruning, wiring is rarely necessary. This tree is highly desired for its beautiful small white star-shaped flowers. It can bloom for nine months of the year, continuously growing new flowers.

The leaves are small, have a beautiful glossy dark green sheen and the tree growth is very compact. When the flowers are fertilized, they develop green berries that turn red when ripe. The species is known as a tea plant that originates from the province of Fukien in China, thus its name: Fukien tea.

This tree come with precise and easy to follow care instructions in order for you getting the most joy and happiness out of being a parent to one of our beautiful Bonsai Trees.


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