Carmona Microphylla – Fukien Tea “Easy Care” – Black


Carmona Microphylla (Fukien Tea); Height: 30 cm; Pott: 17 cm; Easy Care, Black Pott

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This Carmona Microphylla tree, or Fukien Tea, has a height of 30 cm. It is a medium-sized plant that we have in our collection of Bonsai. It comes in a very beautiful 17 cm big ceramic pot type ”easy care” in black.

This tree is a true indoor Bonsai of tropical origin. It is best to keep it indoors all year. In summer, when the outdoor temperature never drops below degrees Celsius, it can stay some time outdoors. But everything below 15 degrees it is too cold for this Bonsai.

This plant is suitable for all styles of Bonsai. It can easily be formed by pruning, wiring is rarely necessary. This tree is very desired for its small and beautiful white flowers in the shape of a star. It can flower for nine months a year, continuously growing new flowers.

The leaves are small, have a beautiful bright dark green glow and the growth of the tree is very compact and slow. When the flowers are fertilized, they develop green fruits that become red when they mature. The species is known as a tea plant that comes from the province of Fukien in China, hence its name: Fukien Tea.

It comes with precise and easy-to-follow instructions, so that you get the greatest joy and happiness out of being the parent to a beautiful tree out of our truly wonderful collection of Bonsai.


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