Plantastic Interior Design Ideas from The Country of Breathtaking Beaches, Beauty & Bossa Nova – Brazil!

Plantastic Interior Design

We have to admit that at Flora Directa we have a weak spot for the country popular for its breathtaking beaches, beauty and bossa nova (our favorite music). Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about Brazil.

So, it just made perfect sense for us to check on our Brazilian friends in order to find out, what’s currently “En Vogue” there when it comes to plantastic home decoration ideas.

After going through the latest home decoration publications, we especially liked the trend to combine an overall cool, urban, minimalistic, and toned-down look with beautiful house plants to create a truly eye-catching contrast in design.

This trend is born in the design capital of Brazil, São Paulo. Most probably with the desire to reintegrate some of the country’s overwhelming flora and fauna into the urban concrete jungle of this mega city, which is home to almost 12 million people.

But as is known that a picture is worth a thousand words, allow us to show you some amazing photos demonstrating what sophisticated interior design in Brazil means these days.

Tree in the Room

Plantastic Interior Design

If you are a plant lover, then why not just having a tree in the middle of your living room? In this example, the tree was made part of the overall design by “integrating” it into the living room with the help of a big window. To further enhance the idea of bringing nature into the living space, Bamboo was installed underneath the wooden floor to leave the impression of trees piercing through its surface as if it would be the soil of a forest.

Industrial look mixed with Plants

Plantastic Interior Design

Here simple gutters coated with polycarbonate boards have been transformed into a vertical garden. A mixture of plants spread over a panel that separates the bathroom from the living room creates a welcome distraction in green from the overall industrial look with loads of exposed concrete.

Big Pots!

Plantastic Interior Design

There are no limits to installing plants indoors. In addition to bringing well-being, green gives color and is timeless. The big pots are practical and elegant, filling empty and unused corners, all in a single object that never goes out of style.

Garden as Living Space

Plantastic Interior Design

This airy loft with its big pane window in best Bauhaus style leaves the impression of a factory turned into a living space. The backyard, which can be accessed through a sliding door, became an extension of the social area with table and chairs surrounded by potted plants.

Break the Monochromy

Plantastic Interior Design

In this duplex apartment in Rio de Janeiro, a reading corner was designed with plenty of natural light. Various plants are color break the apart from that rather monochrome setting, making it so much more friendly and welcoming!

Let the Garden in!

Plantastic Interior Design

It cannot get airier than with this transition from living space to garden made out of a single glass panel. What an elegant way to bring nature inside the house, with the garden area, which can be seen from all angles, becoming one with the living room.

Plants instead of Books

Plantastic Interior Design

Who says it takes a lot of space to have your own garden? In the kitchen area of this tiny loft, a steel bookcase was transformed into a truly beautiful vertical garden.

Let the Patio shine!

Plantastic Interior Design

In the interior of this São Paulo based office project glass tiles are installed in the roof to create a patio, with the internal garden linked to the rest of the open plan layout by glass walls. The retractable glass frames allow the pure air of the plants to invade the interior. The contrasts of the greens (various plants), yellows (floor tiles) and browns (wooden elements) with the gray of the cement floor and white of the walls is just uber cool!

New Places for Plants

Plantastic Interior Design

Some plants were made to live outdoors, but others can get used to the interior of our houses! Just like these fan palms that are occupying, in a very sophisticated manner, the space underneath a flight of stairs in a town house in São Paulo. Because of their slow growth, they are ideal for potting. But it is necessary to place them in an ample, well-lit space. Their large, pleated leaves with jagged edges, in a beautiful shade of bright green, will easily catch everyone’s attention.

We hope that you come back from our field trip to the country of eternal sunshine with plenty of interior design ideas for your own little urban jungle called home!

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