Plantastic Ideas to turn old Wooden Boxes into Design Pieces just by adding a bit of Love & Creativity

Plantastic Ideas to turn old Wooden Boxes into Design Pieces by adding Love Creativity

When we think of ways to give our beloved green besties the box seats in our living spaces they deserve, we tend to think of heading to the usual suspect for home decoration and furniture (also known as Ikea) and just buy a nice shelf or rack to display them in the best way possible.

But what if we tell you that you most probably already got all you need laying around and gathering dust somewhere that you can turn into something very nice and unique just by applying a bit of creativity and effort?

Old wooden boxes are most probably the easiest and most budget friendly possibility to create a stylish addition to your living space and a new home for your loving plants.

Let us have a look at some beautiful examples where wooden boxes made it from forgotten storage space items to center pieces in home decoration.

Spice up your Kitchen

Kitchen Rag Made From Wooden Boxes

In need for a new cabinet to tidy up your kitchen space? Why not constructing a rack made out of old wooden boxes? Just don’t forget to bolt them together in order to ensure stability. A vivid color, like green as seen in the example above, will brighten the look. And the ones assembled in an upright manner guarantee enough head space for some healthy, tasty and good smelling herbs!

Plants on all Layers

Layered Support Made From Wooden Boxes

Some crates and slats of wood are enough to create a beautiful layered support like this. A great solution to showcase your favorite decorative plants or, when standing in or close to a kitchen area, even a selection of vegetables.

New life for Coffee Table

Shelf For Plants Made From Wooden Boxes

Crates screwed to the feet of an old coffee table create a shelf that’s absolutely perfect for small potted plants.

Hanging in there!

Dried Flowers Arrangement Made From Wooden Boxes

A simple small box can be an incredible support for great arrangements. Everything is held together by thin wires, such as Japanese chrysanthemum and dandelion in this truly beautiful example!

Little Shrine

Vertical Garden Made From Wooden Boxes

The white lacquered boxes serve as a small vertical garden, attached to the horizontal wooden panels in the back. This composition would be exceptionally charming on a balcony or terrace.

Rolling Plants!

Plants Display Made From Wooden Boxes

In this example, black metal rolls (which can be easily found at a local hardware store or at your Ikea nearby) are attached to a simple wooden box filled with a variety of succulent plants.

We hope you got inspired by the examples shown above and are now eager to get your hands dirty by turning some of your old wooden boxes into true designer pieces!

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