Back From The ‘80s: Ferns Are The Cool Kids Among The Houseplants Again & We Tell You How To Care For Them!

How To Care For Ferns

Those who lived during the wild ‘80s surely will remember poor ferns hanging down from the ceiling breathing away clouds of tobacco smoke (yes, back then people were allowed to smoke indoors and most of them even survived).

But over time they stopped being the cool kids on the block and were even labeled as shabby by some. Luckily those times are long gone and today they are true hipsters among the indoor plants again!

Whether standing alone or combined in vertical gardens, with their long leaves they add a tropical charm to any decor and surely brighten every room. But that’s not all, as on top of that, they are a very easy to maintain and truly humble species.

But that doesn’t mean that they can be neglected completely after being invited into your home – find out a few easy to follow rules that will make sure that your fern is going to be a happy contemporary:

1. Light

Because ferns do not ask for much natural light, they are a great choice as indoor plants and are totally fine with a position that is in the shadows most of the time. When placing the pot, make sure that the plant is hidden from strong sunlight in the area, but also avoid it being exposed to cold temperatures and wind (coming from an air condition for instance).

2. Temperature

Ferns like mild climate and but they also survive well when the weather is getting hotter. But having tropical origins, they don’t like the winter months much. So, when temperatures are dropping, make sure to bring it back into the house in case it was standing on a balcony or terrace. During colder periods, they do great in a place with higher humidity, such as the bathroom.

3. Hydration

Because they are a tropical breed, ferns like water. But do not overdo it, the quantity of water given should only leave the soil moist and hydrated. The frequency of watering is usually weekly, but the best thing to do is to observe the consistency of the soil, so you never leave it too wet or too dry.

4. Soil

Make use of organic fertilizers once a month, this way the plant can absorb the nutrients well and will thrive. Also, a good idea is to apply a water drainage system in the pot so you prevent over- or under watering and the fern can decide itself for the perfect amount of water.

That’s pretty much it. Follow the few rules above and your fern will be a happy and beautiful tropical fellow!

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