11 Tropical Plants That’ll Give Your Home a Cool Touch Despite Their Hot Origin

Best Tropical Indoor Plants

We gathered a list of eleven tropical plants that will add a very cool touch to your home despite their hot origin – some can even stand a cold breeze from an air condition.

1. Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis Tropical Indoor Plant

Thanks to its slow growth, it’s a perfect candidate for potting. This palm has to be placed in an ample and very well-lit area. Its large, bright green leaves with jagged edges are truly stunning. To keep it happy, old and dried leaves have to be removed regularly and repotting has to be done every other year.

2. Fern

Fern Tropical Indoor Plant

The fern is bright green in color, has long, hanging leaves, which usually form bulky clumps, showing a beautiful texture. To perfectly showcase these characteristics, put it in a hanging pots or in an elevated place, like a bookshelf. The ideal lighting conditions are half shade. Strong winds have to be avoided as they can destroy the younger leaves easily.

3. Succulents

Succulents Tropical Indoor Plant

These are plants with thickened roots, stems or leaves, these allow them to storage water during extended periods. This makes them easy to care for, they even give you a fair warning when feeling neglected or mistreated. If the leaves begin to wither, increase the amount of water, if the base leaves start to rot, decrease watering. When the plant gets thinner and loses many leaves, it’s not getting enough light. Ideally, you’d give it at least four hours of sunshine per day for keeping it healthy.

4. Yucca

Yucca Tropical Indoor Plant

It has long, rigid, pointed leaves with serrated edges. As most palm trees, it can take a long time for the old leaves to fall off. By checking the soil, you can tell if it’s time to give water – it should be dry to a depth of about two centimeters. Improper watering is evident on brown tips on the leaves, surrounded by yellow edges. These indicate too much water. If the leaves turn yellow or brown entirely, too little water. It needs a place with much light and ventilation.

5. Polyscias Fruticosa

Polyscias Fruticosa Tropical Indoor Plant

It’s said that its presence brings harmony and luck to any home. There are also people who believe that these good energies are guaranteed only when planted both in the same pot, male and female. It has small, dedicated, dark green leaves. It can stand environments with full sun, half-shadow or even diffused light, but it will become more beautiful in well-lit areas. Please consider that it will not tolerate cigarette smoke, heavy air conditioning or excessive wind.

6. Zamioculca

Zamioculca Tropical Indoor Plant

It’s the perfect candidate for corridors and other areas with low natural light where other plants wouldn’t survive. It truly stands out for the beauty of its very shiny, waxy, stunning dark green colored leaves. The species is so resistant that it keeps it good looks even in air-conditioned environments. But be very careful when giving water as it prefers being watered lightly only.

7. Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

Vipers Bowstring Hemp Tropical Indoor Plant

Having cylindrical, rigid and vertical leaves, it has a very ornamental look. It’s a very sturdy plant that likes indoor areas with half-shade, but also tags along when grown in full sun. It asks for little water and supports environments with air conditioning. It can be braided, making it look even more interesting.

8. Peperomia

Peperomia Tropical Indoor Plant

A plant having very decorative ornamental foliage and a delicate appearance. Its leaves are juicy and heart shaped, showing shades of green with yellowish or white edges. Perfect for planting in vertical gardens or in hanging pots. It’s best kept in the shade but can withstand standing in areas with bright light, making it a good choice for offices.

9. Cyclanthus Bipartitus

Cyclanthus Bipartitus Tropical Indoor Plant

Its stem is almost non-existent, its leaves large, broad, with a crumpled appearance. It will go great indoors in the shade and doesn’t need very deep pots. Humidity is essential for this species. It’s good to protect the soil with pieces of bark in order to reduce the evaporation of the irrigation water.

10. Cactus

Cactus Tropical Indoor Plant

Great option for those who do not have the time or the way to take care of plants, the species likes many hours of direct luminosity and little water. The more sun your cactus receives, the more robust and beautiful it will be. When planted in pots, it parks its growth when it realizes that there’s no space.

11. Chamaedorea Elegans

Chamaedorea Elegans Tropical Indoor Plant

This small palm tree has characteristic looks and is a great choice for decorating well-lit, but diffused interior environments. The direct sun can burn its leaves, which are long and shiny. Avoid cultivating it in a windy or air-conditioned environment. Yellowish leaves with dry tips show the lack of humidity.

We hope we were able to provide some good ideas on how to add a stylish, tropical touch to your home by inviting one (or more) of the cool candidates above to live with you!

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