9 Plantastic Plants That Are Inspiring Coworkers & Will Add A Zen Touch To Your Work Life Balance!

9 Best Plants For The Desk In Your Office

Looking at our sometimes uber busy working days, taking care of a plant seems unimaginable. We all have pictures of sadly abandoned office plants in our minds that slowly but surely went down the road of all mortals.

We’ve created a list with nine inspiring coworkers that will make you change your mind and add a Zen touch to your work life balance without being needy – not even when being abandoned during the weekends.

1. Cactus

Cactus Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

If you are a beginner at growing plants, the cactus is the right choice. As they can store much more water than any other plant, it doesn’t not need to be watered often. If at some point in the day your desk gets some sunlight then this will be a very happy and humble workmate.

2. Succulents

Succulent Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

They have fleshy leaves that reserve water very well. This makes them pretty easy to grow. In general, they’re asking for water once a week and like being exposed to the sun.

3. Jade Plant

Jade Plant Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

Although it’s a member of the aforementioned family of succulents, we wanted to reserve it its own spot in our list as it’s also known as the lucky plant or money plant (!) so if you’re in need of money and luck (like the rest of mankind) it might be a good lucky charm to have in your office. Just water it once a week and make sure it gets sunlight a few hours per day and maybe it’ll make you rich (no guarantees though)!

4. Spider Plant

Spider Plant Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

This is a true low maintenance plant and fits perfectly fine in any environment, including those with air conditioning. Thanks to its thick roots, it manages to reserve a good amount of water and tolerates being neglected for some time. Partial light is fine, so it’ll bloom even with the windows being far away.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

This plant is also part of the succulent group. Supports full sun, half-shade and temperature variations. She also prefers little watering. In general, once a week is fine.

6. Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

Vipers Bowstring Hemp Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

As they can survive low lighting conditions and little watering, they are made for office living. Water it once a week and be aware of the drainage of the saucer to avoid accumulating water because it can let it rot.

7. Bamboo

Bamboo Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

Besides giving a true Zen touch to your desk, the bamboo needs very little light. Because it’s an aquatic plant, it needs water with a higher frequency than the aforementioned plants. It’s important to keep the roots moist.

8. Common Ivy

Common Ivy Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

In the growth phase, it asks for water often, but when it’s a grown plant, it can easily survive even under suboptimal working conditions. It’ll keep its cool and certainly withstand the company’s heavy air-conditioning.

9. Ficus Ginseng

Ficus Ginseng Best Plant For The Desk In Your Office

Last but definitely not least, this wonderful plant will set you apart as sophisticated plant lover among your coworkers. Being the most robust and easy to care for tree among the popular Bonsai species, it’s a perfect addition to any stylish office desk. Being happy with moderate watering and good light (but not direct sunlight), it’s a truly hard to kill candidate. The only really important thing would be to mist it once a day with water as it likes its leaves kept moist. You can find a beautiful example in a very stylish “Easy Care” pot by clicking here!

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