5 Top Ideas For Home Decorations With Big Plants!

5 Top Ideas For Home Decorations With Big Plants

Are you a fan of cactuses and mini succulents? Then this might not be your thing. This is for those of you who would like to add a few big guys among the house plants to their home decoration!

A home decoration with plenty of plants is THE trend of the moment, that’s for sure. But there are people that want to go further than just adding some mini succulents and cactuses here and there to their house of flat. This list is perfect for anyone who wants to step up the game and start to play with the giants among the house plants in the decoration of their homes. Whether in the corner of the room or on the table, they surely are always in the center of attention. If you have ever considered putting a tree in your house, here are some great options how to get started:

~ 1 ~

This huge arrangement uses green leaves and dried stems of the Heliconia plant. The leaves of this species can reach up to three meters in height, which makes them resembling the leaves of a banana tree. If arranged potted, be sure to opt for a reinforced model, which will not fall over with the weight of the plants.

~ 2 ~

Thanks to having a slender stem, the Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle-leaf fig, installed in a pot is an excellent choice for any home decoration. They like to be placed close to a window, but not to one providing direct sunlight during the whole day, since this species prefers diffuse light.

~ 3 ~

The Viper’s bowstring hemp, which currently is popping up pretty much everywhere, is an African plant that goes well when being adopted to any home or office, since it needs to be watered only twice a week. There are legends saying the plant protects its owners from harm. We make no guarantee concerning this matter though 😊

~ 4 ~

Aerial arrangements, both outdoors and inside the house, are simply amazing! They can be hung with ropes and even chains, with pots or boxes filled with various species they are true eye candy in any home or garden.

~ 5 ~

All banana trees need little care only, but the most suitable ones for potting are the smaller ones, which will be quite large still. Pots need to be 75 cm in high as a minimum and very sturdy in order to prevent the tree from falling over.

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