5 Plantastic Plants For A Beautiful Bathroom

5 Plantastic Plants For A Beautiful Bathroom

Taking your daily shower surrounded by your green buddies isn’t only adding a beautiful touch to your mourning routine, bringing plants into your bathroom is also improving your general well-being, air cleanliness and humidity regulation.

For a true spa experience, spread the green love wherever you can. However, because most of the time doors are closed, you have to choose the right plants. Select candidates that don’t need much light and can stand humidity. For beginners, best stick to the options listed below and you can’t possibly go wrong:

1. Peace Lily

This tropical plant prefers to be kept in places without much light. The white flowers are adding a very nice touch to any bathroom. Water them once a week and they’re happy campers.

2. Fern

If you have a high shelf, place a fern on it. It’ll grow and embrace your bathroom with its beautiful leaves. This species needs plenty of water and little light, making it the perfect candidate for your bathroom.

3. Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

They’re true couch potatoes and just made for a living indoors. Because they grow vertically, they don’t need much space. This plant can retain moisture inside its leaves and isn’t asking for much light either. In addition, it helps to purify the air.

4. Zanzibar Gem

Tropical and hard to kill, great for beginners as they don’t require much care. They don’t need much water, but they should be placed near a window because they need plenty of light.

5. Aloe Vera

Already present in cosmetics and known for its calming properties. With that in mind, there is no question why growing them in the bathroom. They don’t require much light and the steam from the shower may be enough to keep them happy.

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