5 Best Reasons to Have a Cactus in Your Home!

5 Best Reasons to Have a Cactus in Your Home

Are you thinking about to brighten up your home with some plants, but don’t have the time for intensive care? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – Cactus!

Make sure to check our top tips on how to take little care for them while still being the parent to a very happy spiky fellow.

If you are lacking a green thumb or are just too busy to take care for a high maintenance plant, then the species of the cacti might be the perfect solution for you. They can be found in various sizes and therefore will be an ideal roommate in any home, big or small. To convince you that it is possible to add a touch of green to your house, without having too much of a commitment, we have listed five great reasons why you should get yourself an example ASAP:

1. Watering once a week is fine

Do you often forget to water your plants or just don’t have the time to do so? Let us tell you that, as having desert like environments as their natural habitat, cactuses have a way of storing water in much larger quantities than other species. Which means that treating them with very little water for them isn’t a sign of being neglected. Quite the opposite, if you water them more often than every seven to ten days, they may even die!

2. Being left in an overheated home is fine too

If your home is very hot, with intense sun at certain times of the day, your cactus won’t cry for shades. Leaving it standing there sweating in the sun might appear like cruelty, but that’s not the case at all! This species loves to receive direct sunlight for hours. So, while the leaves of many other plants might burn given such conditions, the cactus will become even more beautiful with every sunbath.

3. There’s a perfect sized cactus for any environment

The sheer endless number of sizes will allow you to have one in any room (big or small) or, if you live in an area with mild climate all year round, on your terrace or balcony. From the tiny to the large ones, they can all live very well in pots. When being placed in relatively small pots, the plant will stop its growth, but the ideal would be to repot your cactus to a bigger example, so the plant can grow further.

4. No pruning needed

Cacti do not need to be pruned! No matter how big your cactus will grow, it won’t lose its characteristic form. If you do decide to cut it a little here and there, it may even look strange and smaller examples surely don’t ask for any pruning at all.

5. Having nature in your home without a big commitment

It’s always good to have a little piece of nature in your home. Tons of studies showing that having plants in your living area is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Plants that require a lot of care may not be the best option for an inexperienced owner, but a cactus will give the beautiful feeling of living with plants without having too much of a commitment.

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