13 Super Stylish Ideas To Create Your Own Little Oasis By Installing A Vertical Garden

13 Super Stylish Ideas To Create Your Own Little Oasis By Installing A Vertical Garden

If you have ever dreamt of creating your own vertical garden, but have been lacking the right ideas regarding how and where to create one, then you most definitely came to the right place!

Let us inspire you with the following stunning examples of super stylish projects, using many different plants of all shapes and sizes and with ideas for virtually any home or garden, no matter the size:

~ 1 ~

This cozy corner has been created in a small backyard by mixing ferns and lily turfs. The construction in the back to hold the plants can be made out of metal or wood with the potted plants fixed with hangers.

~ 2 ~

This vertical garden has been installed on a wooden panel made out of aged pine wood and afterwards filled with various different species of plants.

~ 3 ~

Another example of a beautiful hanging garden with plants arranged on panels made out of coconut fiber.

~ 4 ~

Here the BBQ area has been transformed into a vertical garden, based on a structure made out of wire mesh with vases fixed with the help of metal brackets.

~ 5 ~

This balcony has been transformed into a little oasis with a hanging garden made out of galvanized steel boxes fixed on wooden panels and ceramic vases. The plants chosen are mostly ferns and peperomias.

~ 6 ~

To bring a tropical air to this balcony, the BBQ sink has been transformed into a vertical garden on top of ceramic tiles, filled with bromeliads, ferns and spleenworts. What we cannot see is that project was designed with an automatic irrigation system.

~ 7 ~

For this little terrace of 10 m² only, the owners wanted a space with lots of plants, so the idea was to simply make use of the walls. To hide the concrete beams, coconut fiber boards filled with mainly rhipsalis seemed to be the perfect solution!

~ 8 ~

Long and slender, the palm trees are emphasizing the height of this stunning mesh vertical garden filled with loads of Swiss cheese plants.

~ 9 ~

Here the complete redesign of the outdoor space was used to install a very stylish vertical garden. It was the smartest solution to add lots of green without making the already limited space even smaller. Among the plants used are peperomias and common ivy.

~ 10 ~

Purple Rain! This truly beautiful vertical garden has been created by simply painting stacked concrete blocks purple.

~ 11 ~

Here the advantage of having the height of two entire floors was used to install a truly breathtaking vertical garden.

~ 12 ~

This vertical garden was installed to block the view of the neighboring rooftop building. To facilitate maintenance, this beautiful green wall was designed with an automatic irrigation system.

~ 13 ~

If you like plants, but having an apartment without balcony, be inspired by this designer piece, which is basically a green board in the living room. Placed between the windows, it has a drainage and irrigation system.

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