10 Reasons Why You Should Fill Your Home With As Many Plants As Possible!

10 Best Indoor Plants

Let us pretend just for a minute that our beloved green buddies would need any advocacy in order to make it into your living space and provide you with a list having 10 very solid reasons why you should fill your home with as many botanical beauties as possible:

1. Help to relax

Violet Best Indoor Plant

All you need is flowers with purple petals, like violets. The color is soothing and helps to decrease the doses of adrenaline in the body. As a result, energy levels increase and the brain gets more oxygen, which helps you relax.

2. They are humidifiers

Fern Best Indoor Plant

Instead of using a mechanical humidifier, place some ferns scattered around the house. During transpiration, water droplets moisturize ambient air.

3. Have curative powers

Aloe Vera Best Indoor Plant

A research from the National Institute of Health, the Aloe Vera was called by the Egyptians the “plant of immortality.” They used the species to cure various diseases. Nowadays, it is common to see people using the gel that the plant loose on sunburn and other wounds to relieve the pain.

4. Boost your creativity

Croton Best Indoor Plant

If you are ever struck by a creative block, go to a place with lots of green. Colored leaves, like those of the Croton species, inspire and energize what is around – including you!

5. Minimize allergic reactions

Spider Plant Best Indoor Plant

If you have allergic attacks often, put some spider plants around the house. The leaves of this plant absorb allergenic particles, such as dust, and in a short time this species can eliminate much of the toxins from the environment.

6. Clean the air

Common Ivy Best Indoor Plant

If you want a cleaner and better environment to breathe, bet on the Common ivy species. According to NASA scientists, these plants filter the air because it is the one that best absorbs formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound that is very toxic to health.

7. Provide more energy

Chinese Evergreen Best Indoor Plant

The red color is quite stimulating, it increases the appetite and elevates energy levels. The species of the Chinese evergreens with their vibrant colored leaves would be the perfect choice here. Leave them in the bathroom so they can stimulate you while you get ready to leave the house.

8. Help to concentrate

Bamboo Best Indoor Plant

A study by the Royal College of Agriculture found that students had 70% more attention when they were in an environment with plants. There are many species that survive in enclosed spaces and in low light, like inside an office. A good example is bamboo, which is widely used in the Chinese technique of Feng Shui.

9. Decrease stress levels

Anthurium Best Indoor Plant

Having plants with flowers helps reduce stress levels, according to an article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. One option is the Anthurium that produces lush flowers.

10. Calm your eyes

Devil's Ivy Best Indoor Plant

Many people believe that all you have to do is look at a plant when your eyes are irritated or tired, like when we spend hours in front of a computer, to relieve eye strain. Here comes for instance the Devil’s ivy with its shiny green leaves into our minds.

11. They look good

If the 10 aforementioned reasons didn’t fully convince you yet, then maybe the fact that they just make any home so much nicer and happier thanks to their stunning looks will!

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